About Us

Flanagan Construction has been a leader in residential construction in the Hattiesburg Area for over 28 years.

At Flanagan Construction, we believe there are several requirements that distinguish a builder from the rest of the pack. Those traits are experience, solid reputation, dedication to customer service, efficiency and affordable quality homes and commercial spaces. Of course, all of those things mean very little without the support of clients who are willing to trust you, and rely on you to provide a vision of building that surpasses even their expectations.

Flanagan Construction began building in 1982, after gaining a great deal of experience in electrical contracting. As a residential and commercial builder, we realize that our customers are the boss and they all must be given, from the very first meeting, respect, courtesy and the ability to help steer the building process from start to finish.

Of all we are capable at Flanagan Construction, one of the things we pride ourselves on the most is our ability to make sure every one of our clients’ needs are met— on their time, under their budgets, according to their dreams. We are a builder who wants to make our clients happy first and foremost, all the while providing the most high-quality home or commercial space that is guaranteed to last for years to come. Because of our personalized, hands-on approach, we are also able to make sure that only the best materials are used in each of our building projects. Some of the amenities our homes and commercial spaces include are a 30 year warranty on architectural shingles, 9- and 10-foot lofted ceilings, solid concrete, vinyl windows, the most beautiful custom cabinetry, superior-grade carpets, and modern, striking ceramics and wood flooring.

Flanagan Construction finds no job too small or large, as we are able to handle just about any project, be it a high-end home or a more economical option. Fully licensed and fully insured, as well as a two-time past president of the local HBA, Flanagan always does more than what is expected to make sure a project is done correctly. Additionally, to serve our customers in as many ways as possible, we also undertake land development and sell real estate lots.

When you need the very best in custom homes and commercial construction, look to Flanagan Construction— no better value, no better build, and better at creating people’s dreams.